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Best of Guernsey


Bluchips preferred insurance partners are Clegg Gifford and Network Direct. They offer very reasonable priced policies on both UK specification and Japanese Import vehicles.

Some local insurance companies unfortunately appear to be very behind the times, and do not offer cover on some of the Japanese imported cars. It's all about speaking to the right people.

Our insurance partners are more than happy to give you a quote on your Japanese import. With low premiums and excesses, their prices are virtually the same as insuring the UK equivalent.

Clegg Gifford
Tel: 01481 728987

Network Direct Insurance.
Tel: 01481 701400

We have also had good dealings with the following UK companies who we feel offer reasonable quotes for local residents, but in the first instance, please use either Network Direct or Clegg Gifford.

Lifesure Insurance Brokers
Tel: 0870 366 1235

Footman James Insurance Brokers
Tel: 0845 458 6782

Tesco Motor Insurance
Tel: 0845 300 400

Adrian Flux
Tel: 0330 123 1232

These companies specialise in both UK spec and Japanese import vehicles and offer very competitive prices with low excesses.